Nightlife in Nepal: A Lively Exploration

NightLife in Nepal

Nepal, a country nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, is often associated with its stunning mountains, ancient temples, and diverse landscapes. However, as the sun sets, a different side of Nepal emerges, revealing a lively and energetic nightlife that caters to both locals and tourists. City Vibes: Kathmandu Nights Kathmandu, the capital city, is … Read more

Tihar full detail information


The festival of lights, Tihar (Devanagari: तिहार) is also popular as Yamapanchak (Yama means the god of death and Panchak means five), Deepawali or Swanti(स्वन्ती:) in Newa language. This is the second biggest Nepali festival after Dashain, celebrated by Hindus for 5 days few weeks after celebrating Dashain during the month of Kartik (October or … Read more

Dashain: Nepal’s Grand Festival

Happy dashain in Newari language

The greatest festival of Nepal, Dashain is celebrated on Ashoj Kartik which comes in September end or early October. This main festival in Nepal which means the ten days celebrations. On the first day, in every house, the ceremony of Ghatasthapana is performed. It is entirely a domestic observance confined to one’s own household and … Read more

Festivals of Nepal

Shiva trishul

The lifestyle of Nepalese people is as varied as the landscape they live in. Modern consumerism flourishes in the upper middle class while traditional hard manual labor is widespread in rural areas. Religion and deep-seated traditions continue to influence everyday life heavily. But everybody seems to enjoy lingering in the sunshine of the chilly winter … Read more

Bel bibaha Newa culture

Bel Bivaha is an old ritual in the Newa community that is also followed today. It is called ‘ehi’ in Nepalbhasa. In this ritual, a girl is married to a fruit Aegle marmelos which is known as Bel in the local language. It is done when she reaches the odd age of 5,7,9 or 11 … Read more

Magar caste list


Magars are one of the oldest known tribes in Nepal and during the period of Medieval from Gorkha to Palpa was called the Magarat. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, 7.1% of the population of Nepal was identified as Magar which is a total 1,887,733 people. In former days, any Thapa who had … Read more

Prayer flags meaning


You may have seen hundreds of arrayed Prayer flags around the stupa which are rich in symbolic meaning. Prayer flags are beautiful and calming to look at. You may be curious about them. They’re believed to bring peace and prosperity to all around them. The symbols and mantras on the flags are meant to broadcast … Read more

Newari Ornaments

How to say I love you in Newari language ?

Newari ornaments name list Tuki Tuki is double stud jewelry inserted in the helix of the ear. These are worn by elder women after their ritual procession called Janku. Most Tuki are plain in design but some are in floral design. Kalli Kalli is worn around the ankles. It is usually made of silver and … Read more

Exploring culture of Nepal

daicha meaning in newari similarly other words like maicha bala chimabu xu jula dhewa

The rich cultural heritage of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal; has evolved over centuries. This multi-dimensional cultural heritage encompasses within itself the cultural diversities of various ethnic, tribal, and social groups inhabiting different altitudes, and it manifests in various forms: music and dance; art and craft; folklore and folktales; languages and literature; philosophy and … Read more