I love you in Bodo

I love you
Ang nwngkhou mwjang mwnw
Ang nwngkhou gwswthwiw
आं नोंखौ मोजां मोनो


I: Ang
You: Nwng
Love: Gwswthwiw/ mwjang mwnw

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Other words:
He: Biyaw
She: Biyaw
This: Biywani
That: Bei
What: Ma
Your: Nungi
Name: Naama

Do you love me?
Nung angkhou mujang munbai na?

Yes, I love you.
Ang nungkhaw mujang munnu.

How are you?
Nungni khabora ma?

I am fine.
Ang mawjangawinaw dongo.

Did you have lunch?
Ankham jabai na?

How do you say thank you in Bodo?
Bodo: Sabaikor/Hambaiswi.
English: Thank you.

How to say Hi or Hello in Bodo language ?
Hi or Hello is said in Bodo language ‘oi’.
It is informal, if you want to say formally you should say ‘khulumbai’.

How do you say namaste in Bodo?
Namaste or Namaskar is said ‘Khulumbai’ in Bodo.

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