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Learn Nepalbhasa

Download Nepalbhasa Free e-book

Here you can find Nepalbhasa ebook with 3 chapters and 20 pages. You can download it in your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile and read offline. Please kindly do not re-upload it without our permission.

Nepalbhasa ebook

Nepalbhasa blog – In this blog you can find different helpful materials for learning Nepalbhasa. You can read it from any device with the help of internet. Beside Nepalbhasa you can also find different interesting articles related to culture, religion and many more.

Youtube channel – Timila ja In this channel you can find 200 plus useful videos for learning Nepalbhasa. Here you’ll also find different interesting stories of Kathmandu, clips of festivals like Indrajatra, Gaijatra etc.

Blogger www.nepal-bhasha.blogspot.com In this blog you can find Nepalbhasa song lyrics in Nepali and English. You can subscribe this blog as we share youtube videos as soon as we publish it in Youtube. You can also add it in feed-burner so that you’ll get e-mail notification in your inbox as soon as any content is published in the blog.

Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/newabhasha Let’s get connected on FB so that we can communicate for making better materials for learning Nepalbhasa. Please like and share contents on this page so that it will be helpful for saving Nepalbhasa.

Facebook groupwww.facebook.com/groups/NepalbhashaLearning It is a public group where you can share anything related to Newa culture, language, art etc.

You can also ask any questions regarding Nepalbhasa in comment section below and we’ll try to answer as soon as possible.


  1. I would want to group among ones obsessed with snatching other involved in common topics concerning our biz

  2. Nepalbhasa is a beautiful language. I’m also trying to learn this language and I think I’ve learned 60% of it.

  3. जि छक नेवाः ख । जिगु नां डि ० बि० प्रधान ख।
    जित नेपाल भास् तस्कं य । जिगु छें सिक्किमय् ख ।
    थौं कन्हे जि नेपाल भास् online सीके च्वाना । छिगु गबलें online वयेगु ?

    1. छित यक्वो यक्वो सुभाए दु । छिगु कमेन्ट ब्वोना जिगु नुग तस्कं लेताल । नेपालभाषा सेका दिसँ । छित छुँ ग्वाली याए मा सा धया दिसँ ।

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