Maya, bhintuna etc meaning in Newari language

Newari language is easy and fun to learn. Officially Newari is known as Nepalbhasha. Here we’ve listed many Newari words and you can also check the video for easy pronunciation. Here you can learn many daily used Newari words.

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maya or love in newari language – matina (ma-ti-na)
best friend in newari language – ya-mha pasa / milae-ju-mha pasa
husband in newari language – bha-ta
Bhintuna / vintuna meaning – Bhin-tu-na (भिन्तुना)
will you marry me in newari language – cha ji na-pa e-hipa yaeu kha la ?
how to say i love you too in newari – ji na chanta ma-ti-na ya-na
happy dashain in newari language – mo-ha-ni na-kha ya bhin-tu-na
happy new year in newari language – nhu da ya bhintuna (bhin-tu-na)
i hate you in newari – cha jita ma-yah
breakfast in newari language – jyo-na / su thae-yu ja nyaue
dinner in newari language – beli / ba -yu ja nyaue
you look beautiful in newari language – cha bahlah khandu (khan-du)
you are beautiful in newari language – cha bahlah (bah-lah)
How do you say thank you in Newari? – Subhayae (su-bha-ye)

How do you greet in Newari?

Jwo-ja-lapa. It means Namaste or hello in Newari.

How do you say good morning in Newari language?

bhi sutha (su-tha)chimabu meaning in newari – your father – tero bau

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